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1-Year FREE Manufacturer's Warranty and the PowerPCMall Guarantee

All new products sold by computer manufacturers are covered by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty when they leave the factory. Due to shipping times and the fact that some models may sit on the shelf for a while before they are sold, the actual manufacturer’s warranty period remaining may be less than a year when you receive the computer, depending on the company. As such, we offer a FREE 1-year warranty guarantee on all new products. If the manufacturer’s warranty coverage stops due to time before the year is up, we cover the rest of the warranty ourselves. This way you have a full year of protection on your new computer, no matter what.

PowerPCMall Custom Computer Warranty

All customized computers that we sell are also covered by the manufacturer's warranty, but this only applies to the OEM, non-customized parts of the system. All customized components (any component added to a unit by us according to your specifications) are covered by the PowerPCMall warranty guarantee and have 1-year of FREE warranty coverage provided by us. All upgraded components (components upgraded from OEM original specifications including; RAM, SSD's and HDD's) are covered by the PowerPCMall warranty guarantee and have 2-years of FREE warranty coverage provided by us.

Warranty Claims

For assistance with warranty claims please send us an email at the link here. Please provide your order number in your email and specify which part of the computer you need help with. Please also provide any error messages that have displayed, as well as any pictures that you have taken that you feel may help show the issue. Our expert tech support team will then help guide you through the warranty process. Our technicians will determine what the issue is and then figure out what steps to take to resolve the problem for you as quickly as possible.

Extended Warranty

For customers looking to protect their computer for longer than the standard warranty period, or for those looking to add additional protection to their investment, we do provide extended warranty coverage. This extended coverage comes in the form of both accidental damage coverage as well as a longer-term standard warranty option. If you would like to add this coverage to your order, you will have the option to purchase either form of extended warranty coverage on the product detail page. The extended warranty coverage options are listed below:

  • 1-YEAR STANDARD WARRANTY (Included free with all new computers)